Let’s set you up for success by creating a practical, actionable financial plan.

Investment Planning

Let’s identify and prioritize your values and investment objectives. With our team’s knowledge in a broad range of investments, we can develop recommendations to optimize your financial situation and overall tax efficiency.


Have peace of mind as you move toward and through retirement. We focus on your unique goals and timelines to develop a comprehensive plan so you can feel confident and prepared.

Tax Planning

An effective tax strategy is designed to help minimize your personal and corporate tax burden throughout your financial journey. At JV Financial, we ensure your financial plan is coordinated with your professional tax advisors.

Risk Management

We develop an appropriate and cost effective life and disability insurance plan for your business and personal needs to ensure that you are financially prepared for the unexpected.

Cash Management

We'll work together to coordinate and prioritize personal and corporate cash flow between savings, debt repayment, and lifestyle expenses.

Estate Planning

Your estate plan requires careful consideration to ensure that your wealth is transferred efficiently to your intended beneficiaries or charities.

Succession Planning

JV specializes in helping business owners and self-employed professionals. Let us help you create an effective succession plan and appropriate funding mechanism to allow for a smooth transition of your business.

Education Planning

Invest in your children's future. We'll coordinate a tax-efficient saving strategy that will meet your family's education objectives, while taking advantage of any available government incentives.

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